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The mother of four and grandmother of one;   Najen has dedicated her life to acquiring experience around passionate and purposeful people strategy which has accumulated in the launch of NajenBB.com. Najen is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Najen, the founder of Beauty at Najen welcomes you to a place of security, peace and hopefulness. Beauty at Najen is an agency that strives to educate, promote, unite and support the care of all people.

Najen’s Hair and Body Balm was created to address the growing need around African and Biracial American children who are in foster care. In the state of Minnesota, over 50% of these children are living in homes that do not share their cultural background. Though most are well cared for by their foster parents; their hair and skin has truly been neglected. When the crown and skin of a child is neglected; their self-esteem, identity, self-worth and self-love is affected dramatically negative. The ability to find a product that work well, had easy application and was long lasting was becoming impossible for foster parents.

" Finally a authentic body balm that actually helps my skin ailments "
Mila Kunit

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We deal with various quality organic products!